How to Overcome Heart Pain of Love

I read your letter, I read it, and I understand, how long you miss yourself … in your day, together again. You ask me when I will come back again, you say you can’t resist the turmoil in your chest, the burning will hold back the feeling of our meeting later … when you are with (missed lyrics 19).

Heart feeling really when you miss someone while listening to the song. The heart becomes tormented because it endures deep feelings of nostalgia or longing. If the feeling is missed, then it will make your heart go wild, and you will not focus on doing activities. So from that it is important to overcome the feeling of miserable whack. At this time I will review how to overcome the heartbreaking torment.

Miss her or miss him is a feeling that may have been experienced by almost everyone in this world, whether they miss someone or miss a moment. If the nostalgic feeling is so painful, it is a form of longing that has pierced the heart. Until now there has been no drug seller who sells miss-relieving drugs. Then how do you get rid of the torment nostalgia? Follow the following tips:


The first way to deal with nostalgic torment is to cry. By crying you can feel a little more palpable. So if the nostalgic feeling is very very painful, then throw away the sadness through tears.


In the modern era like today, communication tools have become commonplace for everyone. So from that when I miss whacking the heart, communicate with it so that you can treat your miss a little.

Pray for him

The way to overcome the heartbreaking torment of the heart is to pray that there he will be fine. By praying for it, your heart will be calm because one of the factors that cause miss is your sense of worry about the situation.

Get In Touch

Busyness can also be a way of overcoming a sense of missed whack. Busy yourself with positive activities, in this way your sense of loss will be distracted because your focus is no longer thinking about it.

Confide in God

Ask God for guidance so that you will always be given patience to get through this. Don’t complain, because everything will be beautiful in time, and God has a beautiful plan for you.

Try to meet

If you miss it can be dammed again, then meet him or ask him to meet you. There must be free time for you to meet each other, set a schedule and meet him as soon as possible to release your longing.

That’s the way to overcome the heartbreaking memory. Hopefully, this there will be benefits for you, and hopefully you will soon meet someone you miss.

How to Make a Girlfriend Feel Comfortable

Having a boyfriend will be very happy if the courtship period you and your partner feel comfortable with each other. To make the courtship comfortable, it requires the commitment of both parties. But sometimes what you feel comfortable with has, not necessarily he feels the same way. 

This might be because you are not right in treating it. If your sense of comfort is no longer there, then there will be boredom in him, after that you can be sure that your relationship with him will end soon.

Before that happens, you must anticipate it first. Make him comfortable when he has you, how? Here are some tips:

  • Respect for each other
    If you want to be appreciated by your boyfriend, you also have to appreciate it. Starting from mutual respect that will create equality between you. That is the beginning of your boyfriend being comfortable with you. That’s how to do a boyfriend so he is comfortable first.
  • For Him Main
    He will be comfortable when you consider that he is the main one in your heart. Apart from family matters, he is the main business for you. That way he will assume that he is so important to you, that your boyfriend will feel comfortable when having a relationship with you.
  • Occasionally Romantic
    Even though you are not the type of person who is romantic, there is nothing wrong with being romantic at times. That you do for your relationship and him. Romance doesn’t need to be alay, just give him a little surprise like giving a flower or giving away his favorite items, etc.
  • Don’t be over protective
    Excessive jealousy will make him uncomfortable with you. Therefore do not prohibit too many activities, provided that it is still reasonable and good for him then you should support it. A girlfriend will be comfortable when what he wants is not prohibited.
  • Faithful
    If you don’t have this one attitude, your girlfriend will be guaranteed to leave. Don’t cheat or cheat, so he feels at home with you. The point is, keep up with him, don’t play fire if you don’t want to burn.
  • Attention
    You should always remind and make sure that he is fine, what simple sayings have you eaten yet? What have you been bathing? Don’t sleep at night, etc., that is a form of your attention to it. With that he will assume that you are a good girlfriend for him.

Dating period is a period where two people get to know each other further, so a strong commitment is needed so that both parties can be equally comfortable. Those are some tips to make you feel comfortable with you. Hopefully useful for you.