How To Use Baby Cosmetics Properly

In the present, many kinds of cosmetic products are aimed at babies. If you are not wise to use the baby equipment, it might cause harm to the baby itself.

Here I will tell you how should these cosmetic tools be used for babies:


This equipment is useful for cleaning hair and scalp in infants. Generally baby shampoo is not sore in the eyes, this is because the content for the active ingredient cleanser tends to be small. It’s good to use it not every day (3 times a week is enough)

Lotion for hair (hair lotion)

Baby’s hair will usually experience a change in hair loss and then grow back) in its developmental period. This tool is not entirely helpful, but provides a solution for supplying nutrients to nourish hair. Usually for thick or not hair size, influenced by genetic or hereditary factors.

Body lotion

Although the function of this tool is to soften the skin, it should be used not too often, because it can cause prickly heat because the pores of the baby’s skin become blocked.


Do it correctly in its use, do not get into the nose, because it can interfere with breathing. Also do not give it to the genitals and grooves, because it can cause deposits and cause the appearance of germs and bacteria.

Mosquito repellent lotion

It is good for babies under 1 year to avoid these tools. It’s better to use mosquito nets to minimize mosquito attacks for babies.


Soap must use really special soap for the baby, because the formula has been adjusted to your baby.


Choose perfumes or fragrances specifically for babies. Don’t give it to the skin, just wear it.

Those are some of the ways that you must deal with using equipment / cosmetics for babies. All you need to understand is, if there are side effects or allergies after using a product, you should immediately stop it so that no more serious effects occur. I hope you can take advantage of it.…

Overcome Depression with Parent Affection

Depression does not only occur among adults but children can experience it. Depression is a serious mental health disorder. someone who is depressed is feeling uneasy like feeling deep sadness, feeling afraid especially afraid of losing something he loves, feeling annoyed, lacking enthusiasm in living life, often daydreaming, really want to be alone and contemplating, unable to concentrate even some who have difficulty sleep.

Depression experienced by children is certainly different from adults. Children who are depressed usually show traits that are easy to sulk, often experience pain, are not interested in activities that are carried out everyday, but they want to be spoiled and lack appetite

Adults or children who are depressed must immediately get good treatment. If it is not in adolescence or adulthood, the depression that continues can be fatal, that is, committing reckless actions such as suicide. And this can happen among children too.

Depression is a form of uncontrolled management of emotions, most depression is experienced by girls because they cannot stand the high emotional burden. According to experts, depression is closely related to the love of their parents. Where love is enough for children to support their emotional growth to be conducive. The age of children has not been able to stand alone when facing a problem. It is parents who are the main support for overcoming the problems faced by children.

Before depression continues in adulthood you should equip your child in childhood with emotional management education by giving him full love, attention, protection, motivation, various directives and so forth that can provide comfort and pleasure to the child. and if the child is already depressed, you should consult an expert so that the child can do therapy early.

That’s a review of depression that occurs among all ages. May be useful.…

Overcoming Child Flu in a Simple and Safe Way

Changing weather or erratic weather makes us vulnerable to viruses. No wonder if in a crowded place or in some clinics there are many children or adults who suffer from flu. Flu in children is usually characterized by symptoms, such as: sneezing, fever, runny nose and coughing.

Most parents use a quick way to deal with children who suffer from flu by giving the drug so that the flu virus quickly disappears and the child returns to cheerful. But according to experts in fact this virus can heal by itself. Parents can relieve flu symptoms in a safe manner as follows:

Expand the child to rest.

Sleep is an important time for all ages in determining the quality of health. Even for children it is very important too, where if a healthy child grows it will not experience interference and will grow optimally. Especially when children / adults show symptoms of flu and cough, sleep / rest must be added to the hour because that’s when energy can accumulate where the energy can fight the seeds of disease or infection. The right rest is in a quiet, safe and comfortable place or room. Rest is not only in the form of sleep but through activities that can create a happy and peaceful mood that the body can rest.

Drink more water.

Drinking lots of water is not only recommended when the body is affected by the disease, but even when it is healthy, it is recommended that 8 glasses per day in the form of water. When the body is stricken with flu and cough, it is recommended that the secretions in the nose be reduced.

Warm up with a warm balm.

If your child is under 2 years old, you should use a special balm for babies that is safe to use and does not cause irritation to the skin. Using eucalyptus oil if you are over 2 years old. Rubbing on the chest, neck and back so that your little one or someone who has a cold cough feels warm. But do not place balms on sensitive skin or on the eyes, mouth and nose as well as the face.

Give honey

By consuming honey, it can relieve the throat and help tame the stone (this is based on recent research).

In the study, it was explained that honey was more effective than placebo and deskometryphan therapy in controlling cough in children with upper respiratory tract infections. The method of treatment for children under 1 year is to mix 1/2 tsp honey with a little lemon juice. Whereas for children over 2 years, give 1 tablespoon of honey, and mix with a squeeze of lemon (give a little hot water).

Create evaporation with eucalyptus oil

Take a glass of hot water, then give a few drops of eucalyptus oil, put it close to the child. In this way, the child can breathe moist air from the aroma of the eucalyptus oil. This serves to help loosen mucus in the nose.

Bleeding with salt water

Do this in children over 4 years of age. Aim to secure the throat and remove the mucus that hampers the nose. The trick is to mix 1 glass of warm water with ½ teaspoon of salt, if necessary add lemon juice to taste. The last step is to give the child to gargle.

Those are some ways to deal with flu in a safe and simple way. May be useful.…

Is PAUD Useful for Children?

Education is the foundation for humans. Because with education we know what we have never known before. With education, we are also taught about acting and acting in the face of all conditions.

But my question:

  1. Need or how important is Early Childhood Education (PAUD)?
  2. Is the age of the young child being educated properly and correctly accepted?
  3. Isn’t it their age to be happy to play?
  4. Now from the above questions, then can I conclude that Early Childhood Education is very important, because of what?

Answering the first question, PAUD is very important, because PAUD teaches some knowledge about how to be polite, how to be disciplined, how to be tolerant, etc. The sciences may have been taught at home by parents, but that is sometimes not enough, because not all parents have a strong foundation and foundation in educating and caring for children.

The answer to the second question, actually starts from a small child or someone is taught to quickly accept something new. It can’t be straightforward, start from the things that are fun. Because usually small children tend to remember what makes them happy.

And the answer to the third question, young children are children who still like to play, still acting according to what they think. Now in PAUD are taught how to learn, but in a fun way, like singing, dancing, drawing, etc. In PAUD, children will be satisfied with the game, but can also be input into basic lessons.…