Tips for Avoiding Crime When Traveling

The network of pickpockets, snatchers, thieves, even begal is now increasingly prevalent, where the perpetrators of the crime act even more troubling because they carry out their actions not only in quiet places but also in crowded places, such as malls or shopping places, in public transportation, inside a concert, etc. 

You must be vigilant when traveling, because every time the perpetrators lurk and wait for you to be complacent. Then how do you avoid the actions of the perpetrators of these crimes? The following tips:

  • If you are traveling with a bag or wallet, make sure that the bag and trumpet are safe. As often as possible you check whether what you are carrying is still or not. Not only pickpockets lurking, snatchers even begal. So don’t let your guard down against the crime.
  • When you are in a crowded place, for men you should keep your wallet in the front pocket on the left, because most pickpockets act using the right hand and right side position. When you are in a place that is crowded with visitors or people, you should not keep your wallet in the back pocket or jacket pocket, because it is the place for pickpockets.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash. Just use a credit or debit card. But you still have to be vigilant because there are only things that can be done by the pickpockets, moreover the credit card is multifunctional for example concurrently an ATM card.
  • When driving a car, do not put a bag or other valuables in the front seat, because it often happens that bags or other valuables are grabbed by breaking the glass next to the front when the car stops at a red light.
  • Thieves, pickpockets, and other criminals closely monitor the situation and conditions, when you walk, do not let your bag fall down, this can provoke the perpetrators of crime.
  • When you have to go by bus or other public transportation, make sure that there are at least many people in the public transport. And always check your luggage, whether bag, wallet or cellphone.
  • When parking a car you have to park the car in a safe place, do not let the thief in action when the situation is quiet because your car is parked too far from the crowd.
  • Do not leave valuables in the vehicle, because that will be very risky for you,
  • Always be aware of strangers, especially if he knows you. Maybe it’s one trick to trick you.

Always be aware of crimes in your environment, because crime is not only because there is an intention from the perpetrator but also because of the opportunity, beware … be aware (said Bang Napi). Hopefully this brief review will be useful, and hopefully you will be free from any kind of crime.

Assertive Individual Features

The many terms that exist in parenting often make parents confused. Actually this is just a term and without our knowledge, our children or relatives have done it but are not aware of it.

Like the term assertiveness, this attitude is highly recommended in educating children so that they can socialize comfortably and become good individuals.

Assertiveness is an attitude that dares to express what is in their thoughts, feelings, or personal rights without violating the rights of others. Assertiveness is very important for children at school age to support their teaching and learning activities.

Individual features that are assertive include:

  • Dare to submit requests and assistance to other people who need them.
  • Dare to refuse and state that he disagrees with the opinions of others or anything that is unreasonable or unreasonable even tends to be negative.
  • Can start, continue and end a conversation well and be well received by those who listen.
  • Dare to express opinions and thoughts through words and actions.
  • Can communicate with the other person directly and openly.
  • Dare to express feelings that are either pleasant or not in the right time and manner.
  • Able to accept the limitations that exist within him. So that when failing to achieve something is not easy to give up and able to try again until successful and still have self-esteem and confidence.

That is the characteristic of individuals who are able to be assertive. May be useful.