Ways to Overcome Itching in Children When Being Stricken with Chickenpox

Chicken pox is also called varicella, and the disease is caused by the zooster varicella virus. Most children under 10 years will experience chickenpox. 

The possibility of symptoms begins with a stuffy or runny nose, but what is troubling for parents is when the child feels an itch caused by a red rash or blisters that appear on the whole body. If this happens, parents should take immediate action as below:

  • Child’s nail clippers are rather short, this is to avoid cuts or abrasions because the child scratches on the itchy part. With short nails, it will minimize the child’s skin blisters when scratching the itchy part.
  • Sweat will cause itching to become more and more intense, try to keep the child at a cool temperature. The method can be by discussing the washcloth with cold water, then compressing it to the part of the body where there is a red rash. If your house is not air conditioned while you live in an area with high heat, then place the ice cubes in front of the fan, this will make the room cool.
  • Send the child with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot can worsen itching. Try adding oatmeal to the water to relieve itchy skin.
  • To treat the itching that appears, use calamine lotion. This will cause the itching to decrease and even stop.

The tips above are suggestions from the Nemours Foundation that are useful to help overcome itching when a child has chicken pox. Chicken pox can also attack adults, but the itching and red rashes that occur will be more severe than what happens to children. Almost all people who have had chickenpox, the disease will not happen again.

Those are some tips that can help children overcome itching when a child has chickenpox. May be useful for you all.

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