How To Use Baby Cosmetics Properly

In the present, many kinds of cosmetic products are aimed at babies. If you are not wise to use the baby equipment, it might cause harm to the baby itself.

Here I will tell you how should these cosmetic tools be used for babies:


This equipment is useful for cleaning hair and scalp in infants. Generally baby shampoo is not sore in the eyes, this is because the content for the active ingredient cleanser tends to be small. It’s good to use it not every day (3 times a week is enough)

Lotion for hair (hair lotion)

Baby’s hair will usually experience a change in hair loss and then grow back) in its developmental period. This tool is not entirely helpful, but provides a solution for supplying nutrients to nourish hair. Usually for thick or not hair size, influenced by genetic or hereditary factors.

Body lotion

Although the function of this tool is to soften the skin, it should be used not too often, because it can cause prickly heat because the pores of the baby’s skin become blocked.


Do it correctly in its use, do not get into the nose, because it can interfere with breathing. Also do not give it to the genitals and grooves, because it can cause deposits and cause the appearance of germs and bacteria.

Mosquito repellent lotion

It is good for babies under 1 year to avoid these tools. It’s better to use mosquito nets to minimize mosquito attacks for babies.


Soap must use really special soap for the baby, because the formula has been adjusted to your baby.


Choose perfumes or fragrances specifically for babies. Don’t give it to the skin, just wear it.

Those are some of the ways that you must deal with using equipment / cosmetics for babies. All you need to understand is, if there are side effects or allergies after using a product, you should immediately stop it so that no more serious effects occur. I hope you can take advantage of it.

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