Overcome Depression with Parent Affection

Depression does not only occur among adults but children can experience it. Depression is a serious mental health disorder. someone who is depressed is feeling uneasy like feeling deep sadness, feeling afraid especially afraid of losing something he loves, feeling annoyed, lacking enthusiasm in living life, often daydreaming, really want to be alone and contemplating, unable to concentrate even some who have difficulty sleep.

Depression experienced by children is certainly different from adults. Children who are depressed usually show traits that are easy to sulk, often experience pain, are not interested in activities that are carried out everyday, but they want to be spoiled and lack appetite

Adults or children who are depressed must immediately get good treatment. If it is not in adolescence or adulthood, the depression that continues can be fatal, that is, committing reckless actions such as suicide. And this can happen among children too.

Depression is a form of uncontrolled management of emotions, most depression is experienced by girls because they cannot stand the high emotional burden. According to experts, depression is closely related to the love of their parents. Where love is enough for children to support their emotional growth to be conducive. The age of children has not been able to stand alone when facing a problem. It is parents who are the main support for overcoming the problems faced by children.

Before depression continues in adulthood you should equip your child in childhood with emotional management education by giving him full love, attention, protection, motivation, various directives and so forth that can provide comfort and pleasure to the child. and if the child is already depressed, you should consult an expert so that the child can do therapy early.

That’s a review of depression that occurs among all ages. May be useful.

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