Tips to Overcome Problems That Occur When Cooking

Difficulties and problems often occur when cooking, especially if cooking is a new thing for us who have never tried it before. Like at home there are mothers who always prepare dishes that are ready for us to eat.

Here are some tips on how to overcome the difficulties that occur when cooking:

  • Frying meat like chickens that have been cut into pieces makes us frustrated because the oil will explode. Preferably when frying chicken meat enter 2 or 3 shallots in a frying pan or some pieces of ginger or galangal will undoubtedly oil. Also use medium fire.
  • Chopping the garlic in the wrong way will make the garlic lose its onion extract. The right and good way to health is when chopped down slightly with salt. After being chopped off some time before use.
  • The rest of the oil after frying if you keep a lot in the right way so the oil is not rancid. The oil feels rancid usually because the oil is dirty (there are leftovers that are fried). The step taken before storing it is strain the oil with a fine sieve before storing it. This method besides making oil not rancid, oil can also last long.
  • Making a variety of cakes can not be separated from the baking sheet to mengovennnya. The baking sheet that will be used to burn the cake is of course a clean baking sheet so that the cake that we oven is really good. The wrong way to clean the baking sheet can leave the remnants of the cake we made. The right way to clean the pan is to simply soak it in hot water. you should avoid using soap because the reaction of soda in soap will react with aluminum can cause the pan to become thin and fast with holes.
  • In making pastries that are identical to cheese we have to grate them in thick form, the way the cheese is pressed when grated so that the cheese grater that comes out is thick. As for the sprinkling on top of it is grated cheese in reverse. Place the grater on top of the cheese then run.
  • In frying food there is a special technique so that fried foods look good. The technique is enough to return once. Refuse balek food that is fried besides being able to make food destroyed, also food will absorb a lot of oil. Foods that contain lots of oil are certainly not good for health.

Those are some tips for dealing with the world of cooking. May be useful.

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