Assertive Individual Features

The many terms that exist in parenting often make parents confused. Actually this is just a term and without our knowledge, our children or relatives have done it but are not aware of it.

Like the term assertiveness, this attitude is highly recommended in educating children so that they can socialize comfortably and become good individuals.

Assertiveness is an attitude that dares to express what is in their thoughts, feelings, or personal rights without violating the rights of others. Assertiveness is very important for children at school age to support their teaching and learning activities.

Individual features that are assertive include:

  • Dare to submit requests and assistance to other people who need them.
  • Dare to refuse and state that he disagrees with the opinions of others or anything that is unreasonable or unreasonable even tends to be negative.
  • Can start, continue and end a conversation well and be well received by those who listen.
  • Dare to express opinions and thoughts through words and actions.
  • Can communicate with the other person directly and openly.
  • Dare to express feelings that are either pleasant or not in the right time and manner.
  • Able to accept the limitations that exist within him. So that when failing to achieve something is not easy to give up and able to try again until successful and still have self-esteem and confidence.

That is the characteristic of individuals who are able to be assertive. May be useful.

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