Overcoming Child Flu in a Simple and Safe Way

Changing weather or erratic weather makes us vulnerable to viruses. No wonder if in a crowded place or in some clinics there are many children or adults who suffer from flu. Flu in children is usually characterized by symptoms, such as: sneezing, fever, runny nose and coughing.

Most parents use a quick way to deal with children who suffer from flu by giving the drug so that the flu virus quickly disappears and the child returns to cheerful. But according to experts in fact this virus can heal by itself. Parents can relieve flu symptoms in a safe manner as follows:

Expand the child to rest.

Sleep is an important time for all ages in determining the quality of health. Even for children it is very important too, where if a healthy child grows it will not experience interference and will grow optimally. Especially when children / adults show symptoms of flu and cough, sleep / rest must be added to the hour because that’s when energy can accumulate where the energy can fight the seeds of disease or infection. The right rest is in a quiet, safe and comfortable place or room. Rest is not only in the form of sleep but through activities that can create a happy and peaceful mood that the body can rest.

Drink more water.

Drinking lots of water is not only recommended when the body is affected by the disease, but even when it is healthy, it is recommended that 8 glasses per day in the form of water. When the body is stricken with flu and cough, it is recommended that the secretions in the nose be reduced.

Warm up with a warm balm.

If your child is under 2 years old, you should use a special balm for babies that is safe to use and does not cause irritation to the skin. Using eucalyptus oil if you are over 2 years old. Rubbing on the chest, neck and back so that your little one or someone who has a cold cough feels warm. But do not place balms on sensitive skin or on the eyes, mouth and nose as well as the face.

Give honey

By consuming honey, it can relieve the throat and help tame the stone (this is based on recent research).

In the study, it was explained that honey was more effective than placebo and deskometryphan therapy in controlling cough in children with upper respiratory tract infections. The method of treatment for children under 1 year is to mix 1/2 tsp honey with a little lemon juice. Whereas for children over 2 years, give 1 tablespoon of honey, and mix with a squeeze of lemon (give a little hot water).

Create evaporation with eucalyptus oil

Take a glass of hot water, then give a few drops of eucalyptus oil, put it close to the child. In this way, the child can breathe moist air from the aroma of the eucalyptus oil. This serves to help loosen mucus in the nose.

Bleeding with salt water

Do this in children over 4 years of age. Aim to secure the throat and remove the mucus that hampers the nose. The trick is to mix 1 glass of warm water with ½ teaspoon of salt, if necessary add lemon juice to taste. The last step is to give the child to gargle.

Those are some ways to deal with flu in a safe and simple way. May be useful.

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