Is PAUD Useful for Children?

Education is the foundation for humans. Because with education we know what we have never known before. With education, we are also taught about acting and acting in the face of all conditions.

But my question:

  1. Need or how important is Early Childhood Education (PAUD)?
  2. Is the age of the young child being educated properly and correctly accepted?
  3. Isn’t it their age to be happy to play?
  4. Now from the above questions, then can I conclude that Early Childhood Education is very important, because of what?

Answering the first question, PAUD is very important, because PAUD teaches some knowledge about how to be polite, how to be disciplined, how to be tolerant, etc. The sciences may have been taught at home by parents, but that is sometimes not enough, because not all parents have a strong foundation and foundation in educating and caring for children.

The answer to the second question, actually starts from a small child or someone is taught to quickly accept something new. It can’t be straightforward, start from the things that are fun. Because usually small children tend to remember what makes them happy.

And the answer to the third question, young children are children who still like to play, still acting according to what they think. Now in PAUD are taught how to learn, but in a fun way, like singing, dancing, drawing, etc. In PAUD, children will be satisfied with the game, but can also be input into basic lessons.

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