Blacken Hair Naturally

Black hair is the dream of almost all of our society. Basically indigenous people (Indonesia) have black hair types, although there are some who because of abnormalities or heredity have different types of hair color. Too often being exposed to direct sunlight can also cause your hair to become reddish.

In addition, some things that can change the hair color of indigenous people include:

  1. Because the hair is often colored
  2. Use of the wrong shampoo (does not match the character of the hair)
  3. Rebonding

So on the basic of various things that harga promo cause damaged and discolored hair, it is recommended that you wisely treat your hair to remain black and thick. Choose shampoos that are suitable for the type and character of your hair, don’t straighten your hair too often (rebonding), also if you are going to paint your hair you should find out which hair dye is safe and many are recommended by competent experts.

Making hair black again is actually not difficult, provided you are diligent in caring for it. One easy and safe treatment is to use natural ingredients. Because besides being easy and safe, also the cost can be affordable. What ingredients can blacken hair? Among others:

Pecan Oil

We often find candlenut in the kitchen, as an ingredient or seasoning. But not only that it turns out the benefits that exist in candlenut, but can also be useful as a fertilizer and blackener of hair. The oil used is you can buy it at the shop / shop, but you can also make it yourself. The trick: take some candlenuts, then burn. After a little charred lift the candlenut, the next step is mashing or mengeprek pecan, then later thick water will come out. Well that’s what is called hazelnut oil. Its use is to apply the oil evenly (from the roots to the ends of the hair).

Papaya Seeds

Papaya has several ingredients that are very beneficial to our body. If you have finished eating the pleasure of papaya fruit, you should use the seeds contained in the papaya to blacken the hair. The method is very simple, namely roast the papaya seeds before, then mash until it becomes a fine powder, add a little coconut oil. Apply to the hair evenly to all parts of your hair.


In accordance with the solid black color, coffee can also be used to blacken hair. The trick: boil the water until boiling, then enter black coffee to taste. If it’s really boiling, lift it and pour it into a rather wide container (so that the coffee stew quickly cools). Then after cold, wet the hair with the coffee before, evenly distributed throughout the part, let stand a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Those are some ways you can take it to make black and shiny hair. Actually there are still more natural ways that can be used to discolor hair, such as:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Black tea
  3. Aloe vera
  4. Mango

That’s how to naturally blacken hair. Hopefully it will be useful for you in doing hair care to keep it thick and shiny black with shop at

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